Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Very First "Technical Difficulties Library Club" Meeting....Planning A Whole Lotta Fun!

This week we celebrated the start of our new library club at Van Meter....

The Technical Difficulties!
Last week Mrs. Miller posted We'd Love To Announce The Van Meter "Technical Difficulties" Library Club on the Voice and spoke about the start of this special group.
The kids were in charge of almost everything from creating a BIG poster to...
creating hand-drawn mini posters to hang up around school and our town.
Today was no different.  Around 12 elementary students came together to see what the "Technical Difficulties" Library Club was all about.  The kids and I talked and threw around ideas for collaborating, creating, and bringing special things to our school community.

We decided our first project would be to create a special video for the Summer Reading Kickoff which will be during our school assembly the last day of school.  We will create the video next week and have some super fun ideas to incorporate.

And to start....Chaney and Shae created a little video with the Camtasia Relay Fuse app telling all of us about the Summer Reading Program.
Colby is going to be our "Video Director" and is becoming an expert in using the new iPad set up and Camtasia Relay Fuse app.
The girls planned the art of a beautiful bookmark they are creating for each of their friends within our school and are going to make them extra special for summer reading.
And Emma is our new secretary.  She took notes in Google Drive, created a "Technical Difficulties" Library Club Google Calendar, and shared these things with all the members.  

Even little Adlai..our youngest member from Miss McClintock's kindergarten class was excited to show his Mom the new things in his Google Drive for our club.  

We decided to meet every Wednesday and Thursday through the end of May to get ready for our summer reading program and throughout the summer.  

This group is truly going to make a difference....I saw that today and I know I will continue to be amazed at what comes from them. 

You can learn more about the club in the Smore below and on the Van Meter Voice Facebook page.  

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